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Social Features to Engage Your Entire Community

Centralized Operations, On-site Management Teams and Residents Thrive Together.

Social Engagement Tools

Promote community interaction through our news feed, dating, neighbors, and pet playdate features. Residents appreciate these social opportunities within their communities, which enhance their likelihood to renew.

Mobile device showing social engagement tools for residents
Resident-to-Resident Communication

Residents enjoy a diverse set of engagement features, such as a resident-to-resident chat for seamless communication. The platform further enhances user experience with a news feed featuring adjustable approval settings, ensuring a personalized and controlled information flow tailored to individual preferences.

Mobile device showing Resident-to-Resident Communication
Customizable Mobile App

Do more with our customizable mobile app. Corporate teams, on-site management teams, and residents love effortlessly switching between communities, light and dark modes, and customizing their dashboard tiles to suit their specific needs. Additionally, Henri makes it easy to customize your portfolio's interface colors to align with your brand. Whether portfolio-wide or for each specific community, Henri gives you the power.

Mobile devices showing Customizable Mobile App features
Maintenance & Inspections

Residents and staff can effortlessly submit maintenance requests and inspections using their smartphones. Say goodbye to misplaced paper trails and filing cabinets by integrating all your tech tools into the ultimate property technology with Henri.

Tablet and mobile devices showing maintenance and inspections features
Surveys & Reputation Management

Convert positive feedback into reviews to elevate your community ratings. Effortlessly track your community satisfaction rates using Henri's automated survey system. Whether it involves sending out surveys automatically or creating specific ones, rest assured that Henri's reporting will offer a blueprint for your community pulse.

Laptop showing Surveys & Reputation Management features
HenriPay - Rent Payments Made Easy

Streamline the rent collection process by offering ACH, Debit or Credit Card payments across your portfolio. Our HenriPay interface is simple to use for both management teams and residents, offering features such as AutoPay and payment history. Keep your cash flow flowing by utilizing our unique Next Day Funding option - receive rent payment deposits into your bank account within 1 to 2 days. In addition, HenriPay integrates with your PMS system to simplify accounting, ensuring effortless synchronization of all payments, batches, and deposits for straightforward reconciliation.

Desktop showing HenriPay In-House Payment Processing
Marketplace, Perks, Amenities & More!

Utilize the features you desire and disable those you don't need. Henri's Community Connection features facilitate communication among vendors, staff, and residents regarding property-specific events, classes, guest visits, items for sale, rentable amenities, and local deals and perks. With Henri, your community satisfaction is assured.

Mobile device showing Henri features including Marketplace, Perks, & Amenities


Overall and Mobile Adoption Rates for Henri

Empower Strong Community Connections

Welcome to the exclusive resident portal designed to elevate your community experience, streamline operations, increase retention, and so much more.

Tablet and mobile devices showing neighborly connection features

Accessible on Every Device

Empower neighborly connections with our convenient mobile app for iOS and Android. It facilitates resident-to-resident interactions through features like dating, arranging pet playdates, a buy-sell-trade marketplace, property-specific perks, tailored classes and events, and more.

Not interested in activating a specific feature? No worries. Our customizable interface lets you toggle features on and off based on your preferences.

Laptop and Tablet device showing Henri's portfolio management tools

One Dashboard for Your Entire Portfolio

Portfolio management has never been more efficient and effective. With Henri, you can easily oversee your portfolio using a single, user-friendly dashboard. Here, your team can review maintenance tickets, manage financials, and adjust community settings effortlessly.

Moreover, you can tailor your availability and privacy settings to connect with residents, staff, and vendors according to your preferences. Save time by posting notices across your portfolio, streamlining your property management tasks seamlessly.

Multiple devices showing community management tools

Everything in One Easy to Use Platform

Tired of outdated, cumbersome tech stacks that slow down operations and take forever to learn? We understand. With Henri's modern interface and personalized partner onboarding support, your communities can effortlessly implement new software.

We'll assist in setting up your integrations, onboarding your residents, ensuring smooth payments, and providing your community teams with the tools they need to succeed. Set up your teams for success with Henri's comprehensive tools and automation.

The Accolades From Our Clients Speak Volumes

Discover how our exceptional support elevates every client experience.

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Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, and Mobile Devices featuring Henri's tech stack

Experience the unparalleled sense of community created by Henri's one-of-a-kind resident portal.

Explore how our unique engagement tools enhance resident retention, elevate satisfaction, and boost your return on investment.